PYB is pleased to offer sensory-friendly/relaxed performances in a welcoming atmosphere with moderated lighting and sound, alternative seating arrangements, and a pre-performance guide for audience members. We promise a relaxed and welcoming environment for the entire family. An adult must accompany all children. We encourage caretakers and family members to attend. A Q&A session and photo opportunities with selected characters follow each relaxed performance.


Q.  What is a sensory-friendly performance? 

A.  A “sensory-friendly” performance is a theater or dance production that caters to individuals with specific sensory needs, such as people on the autism spectrum, or with anxiety or other cognitive and physical disabilities. The show is modified to allow audience members to move freely about the venue, staff and performers are prepared to accommodate the needs of our audience members, and the entire experience is presented in a judgment-free zone.

Q.  Can people without autism or cognitive and physical disabilities attend this performance? 

A.  This performance is designed for people with sensory-input challenges and their families. The production and audience experience will be adjusted to meet the needs of this group. The lights in the audience will be kept slightly raised, and audience members will be permitted to speak and move about freely during the performance. In our effort to help sensory-sensitive individuals and their families enjoy a comfortable, judgment-free experience, we encourage PYB patrons without autism or cognitive and physical disabilities to attend one of the 4 PM performances offered on May 5th and 6th.

Q.  If my family member/client is not able to sit through the entire show, will we be able to leave the theatre? If they decide to, will we be able to return to our seat? 

A.  If any patron decides they cannot remain in the theater for the whole performance, a section of our lobby will be available as a quiet space. For those who wish to re-enter, ushers will be available to help guide patrons back into the theater.

Q.  My family member/client with autism has difficulty with transitions. How can I prepare them for this new experience? 

A.  We are happy to provide pre-performance information to help families and caretakers prepare for the whole experience. Please email for pre-performance materials.

Q.  My family member/client is in a wheelchair. Can you accommodate us? 

A.  Yes, Princeton High School Performing Arts Center has wheelchair accessible seating. Please contact us directly at to reserve a wheelchair accessible seat.

Q.  Are service animals allowed in the theater? 

A.  Yes, we welcome service animals to accompany patrons.


Sensory-Friendly Advisory Committee

A special thanks to our Sensory-Friendly Advisory Committee for their advice and involvement in helping us plan an enriching and enjoyable sensory-friendly performance experience. Members include Natalia ArmozaAlex BrosowskyJessica HurwitzNikky von RensbergSharyn Rudofsky, Carole SoricelliRachel Tait, Thomas Trezza and Vickie Whittle.